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Kitchen Electricals

Looking for Kitchen Electricals for your home? At House we have a huge selection of electrical goods from coffee machines, kettles, toasters, blenders and more! Our large range of Kitchen Electricals offer the ultimate in quality and convenience, from trusted brands you can rely on.

128 items found

  1. Nespresso by Sage Creatista Plus
    Nespresso by Sage Creatista Plus
    Value £449.95 Save £203.96 £245.99
  2. Sage Oracle Barista Coffee Maker
    Sage Oracle Barista Coffee Maker
    Value £1,699.95 Save £700.95 £999.00
  3. Sage Smart Oven Pro
    Sage Smart Oven Pro
    Value £249.95 Save £104.96 £144.99
  4. Sage Boss To Go
    Sage Boss To Go
    Value £129.99 Save £50.00 £79.99
  5. Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro
    Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro
    Value £399.95 Save £164.96 £234.99
  6. Sage Big Squeeze
    Sage Big Squeeze
    Value £399.95 Save £164.96 £234.99
  7. Sage Scraper Mixer
    Sage Scraper Mixer
    Value £249.95 Save £104.96 £144.99
  8. Sage Barista Touch
    Sage Barista Touch
    Value £999.95 Save £434.96 £564.99
  9. Sage Toast Select Luxe
    Sage Toast Select Luxe
    Value £129.99 Save £50.00 £79.99

128 items found


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